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The Sarvodaya Education Society…

Tamso ma jyotirgamay”. Education eradicates darkness in the form of ignorance. Knowledge is the backbone of the welfare of society and its holistic development. Being famous for clock and tile industries, Morbi has, today, emerged as a ceramic hub. No one would deny that the progress of Morbi region depends largely on its education and social atmosphere.

The Sarvodaya Education Society is an eminent trust of Morbi devoted to promote education in this area. It was established in the year 1959 in Mumbai by the efforts of the philanthropists and the blessing of the Royal family of then Morbi State. The Royal family provided financial support and donated 12 acre land to establish educational campus near Nazar Bag Station. The chief aim of the trust was, and is, to extend secondary and higher education of science, commerce and arts to the young students of the rural and semi-rural region of Morbi. Earlier the students had to go to different places for higher studies.

H. H. Kesarkunwarba donated Rs 4,00,000 in the name of her son, Maharaja Shri Mahendrasinhji, to establish science college in his name. The foundation stone of the building was laid by Maharaja Shri Mayurdhvajsinhji and it was inaugurated by Hon. Shri Morarjibhai Desai. And thus, Maharaja Mahendrasinhji Science College came into existence in 1960. The college has huge infrastructure, laboratories with required chemicals and equipment, rich library, classes with all basic facilities and huge ground for sports activities.

Wife of Late Umiyashankar Nanchand Mehta, Kashiben, donated Rs 1,50,000 in the name of her late husband for the construction of the arts college building. Thus, Umiyashankar Nanchand Mehta Arts College was started in the same year. The efforts were further strengthened by the valuable donation of Rs 1,40,000 by Shri Girdharbhai Daftari.

The trustees of the SES realized the requirement of a commerce college and they were planning to start a commerce college. At the same time Mumbai based Mr Jamnadas Sheth offered donation of Rs 1,25,000 to start a commerce college in the name of his wife Mrs Gulabben. And thus, Smt Gulab Jamnadas Commerce College was started in 1962. Thus, in just the period of three years, the SES established three institutions which have been serving the society till today for over a period of six decades.

The SES gradually but consistently spread its wings and three highschools namely M. P. Sheth Girls’ Highschool, Rasiklal Sheth Boys’ Highschool and N. G. Mehta Highschool were established.

Over the course of time of over six decades these institutions underwent required changes with the need of time. Rich in facilities, and having scholar, devoted and hardworking teachers, these institutions are not less than pilgrimages for the devotees of Goddess Saraswati.