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From the desk of the President…

Shree Pradipbhai Vora

The Sarvoday Education Society has been a shining lamp in the field of education for more than six decades. When there was no educational institution, except L. E. College, the philanthropists of Morbi and Mumbai got their dream realized by establishing various institutions of secondary and higher education under the umbrella of SES. With their noble efforts and contribution, The Sarvodaya Education Society was established in 1959. Majority of the people of Morbi region would have studied in any of 8 institutions run by the SES. The Society is proud to have produced eminent educationists, doctors, industrialists and government officers.

It is one of the chief objectives of the SES to extend cultural heritage and social traditions. Along with dissemination of education, the SES aims at character building of young generation, and thus, create a healthy society free from any barriers of caste or religion. Teaching honour for the culture, respect for good traditions and love for the nation is the ultimate goal of education. I am proud of the remarkable contribution of the SES and it is committed to continue in the future as well

                                                                                                                                                         Shri Pradipbhai N.Vora


                                                                                                                                           The sarvodaya education society Morbi